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CIRCLE OF INFINITY is almost ready to publish their debut album MOMENTS OF EVIL.

The band formerly known as Massacre (BR) will launch the CD in São Paulo on October 5th at the METAL ROOTS DAY FEST.

Here's the first sound to be released showing the ART COVER:

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Artist: Necromesis


Line Up: Daniel Curtolo (guitar), Gil Oliveira (drums), Gustavo Marabiza (bass) Mayara Puertas (vocal)


Necormesis is a death metal quartet from Brazil about to release their new full length album.


The guys have been around since 2006; in the last few years they had the great addition of Mayara Puerta on vocals, which really took the band to the next level. Last Sunday Necromesis launched their video for Indifferent Echoes of Sensitivity, taken from their current EP ECHOES OF A MEMORY.


Here’s the video:

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The gig at Inferno started with Memories, the melancholic guitar intro of their latest EP, the band then introduced their new video. With their cranked up gear fully on, they entered full force for a 30 minutes set, captivating the crowd with every single note. The band has an incredible stage presence, with a rich dark sound accompanied by fast rhythms and great deep growls. Mayara Puerta’s voice simply rips through everything in her path. The public head banging and doing circle pits all over the place, truly enjoying the raw power of Necromesis. It’s a sight not to be missed! Can’t wait for the album to be released early in 2015 (TBC), watch this space!




The Dark Works of art (Demo 2009)


The life is dead (EP 2014)


Unlives as undeads (EP 2011)


Demonic Source (Demo 2009


Condemned By Themselves (inédita – full album 2015)


Indiferent Echoes of Sensitivity (EP 2014)



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"BLOOD MANTRA", the new record from DECAPITATED is ready to hit us! Listen to the preview of the first 4 songs here:

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BLOOD MANTRA Full Track-List:

01. Exiled in Flesh

02. The Blasphemous Psalm to The Dummy God Creation

03. Veins

04. Blood Mantra

05. Nest

06. Instinct

07. Blindness

08. Red Sun

09. Moth Defect (digipack bonus track)

Buy the Album here: http://smarturl.it/DECAPITATED-MantraNB

SUBSCRIBE to Decapitated YouTube: http://bit.ly/subs-dec-yt

SUBSCRIBE to Nuclear Blast YouTube: http://bit.ly/subs-nb-yt



Nuclear Blast EUROPE: http://bit.ly/decnbeu

Amazon: http://geni.us/DecapitatedMantraAMZ

Amazon MP3:http://geni.us/DecapitatedAMZMP3

iTunes: http://geni.us/DecapitatedITunes


"BLOOD MANTRA" will be released on Sept. 26 (EU), Sept. 29 (UK), and Sept. 30, 2014 (US) via Nuclear Blast Records.



Like: http://www.www.facebook.com/decapitated

Follow: http://www.twitter.com/decapitated

Watch: http://bit.ly/subs-dec-yt


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MONO Takaakira “Taka” Goto Interview 03.09.14

for Against Magazine / FAME by Miky Ruta


Pioneering Japanese band MONO has just announced the release of 2 new albums “The Last Dawn” and “Rays of Darkness”, both will be available this coming October. Founder Taka Goto has kindly given us the time for an interview full of emotional answers.


Hello Taka, thanks for having us!

We are truly excited about the release of your new work.

Thank you very much.


Why have you decided to put 2 albums out at the same time?

The reason for this is because there were two sides of strong emotions crashing inside of me: an absolute darkness and hope.

The darkness wasn’t anything to do with sadness, it was more or less about anger and suffering, like an endless disappointment or an uncontrollable despair. From these feelings, I started writing for a new album. But when you actually start writing based on these feelings, your daily life starts to become much darker and depressing. For example, even when I got out of the studio, my feelings were very rebellious without any thoughts, almost as though I had sold my soul to hell.

So at the same time, I started to compose more songs but in a very different style, not necessarily for MONO but just for the sake of letting my emotions out. I started to change my lifestyle as well, like I almost always composed songs at late nights, but started writing early in the mornings or in the afternoon instead. Eventually, these new songs started to become like medicine for myself, just to live through everyday life.

At that time, I had no intention of releasing two albums at the same time. But as time went on, I started to be able to accept the songs I wrote when I was in a really bad place, the songs which represented the dark side of me, the songs that I didn’t want to go near at least for a while. I then had thoughts about making all these songs as one album but it just did not feel right.

“The Last Dawn” is an opposition album to “Rays of Darkness”. It is essentially an album about escaping from the darkness and seeking the light. At least for me anyway. This is why we decided to release the songs as two albums.


Given the complexity of your music, I expect that your albums are very long to make, where do you get the energy and the inspiration?

Usually all the songs are written between the times of touring but this time around, the process took a lot longer as we were also doing Japanese TV and movie soundtracks.

There are a couple of songs that are quite old and took longer than a year to write in the new albums, and we also got a lot of inspirations from reading the scripts and writing the music for the TV show and movie.

Another thing is that one of our old friends Jeremy from Temporary Residence, who we have known for almost 13 years have given us a lot of advice and energy which helped enormously.

What was the writing process like this time around?

This time, we wanted to just leave the chaotic ones as chaotic as possible and make the positive ones as positive as possible. The reason for this is because we started to feel that even when you feel everything is in disorder, there is something that’s always in order. Without thinking about it, we gradually started to accept the chaos as an order/thoughts wrapped in negativity that is darkness. We really wanted to express that to the world as art.

Then we decided to not use much orchestra or strings which we have been using for so long. As a result, we only used a small quartet in “The Last Dawn” but overall, we wanted to go back to the straight forward approach of expressing everything as a 4 piece band. We also wanted to expand the possibility of guitar music and create a wall crashing sound like we used to back in the days.

Are the 2 albums complementing each other or are they 2 separates entity? And what are the main differences?


The two albums ended up representing the counter points in life. Light and darkness, hope and hopelessness, love and loss, the emotions which can’t be expressed, pain which you can’t put into words, happiness which you can’t simply measure. We also at the same time felt and hoped that they could be something to exceed the darkness.


Tell us, are there any “unusual” or new instrument that you use in the new albums? Has any guest artist participated in any of the songs?


One would be the voice on “The Hand that Holds the Truth” by Tetsu Fukagawa from envy. He’s a good friend of ours and is the singer of one of the bands we respect called envy. When we collaborated, we didn’t really tell him anything but he already understood what we were hoping to achieve. The song turned out to be such an incredible piece and we’re very proud of it!


The other would be the trumpet from “Surrender” by Jacob Valenzuela from Calexico. The song was originally just heavy and slow, with the feeling of it could be stopping anytime, but he managed to add another layer of the world that’s very nostalgic and moody.



Let’s talk about your previous album “For My Parents”. I loved the fact of the dedication to your family/families. How do you feel about this release? How did your family react to it?

At that time, there was a massive tsunami disaster in Japan and we wondered if we could give something back to the people, society and the world through art. Art itself is something much broader and equally appreciated by everyone over countries, history, culture and languages and we believe that will remain the same for centuries more, which is why we decided to release something like “For My Parents”. We wanted to leave some sort of an appreciation and joy towards lives.

Personally, we are happy that we could give a meaningful album to our parents than simply saying “Thank you for giving birth to us to this planet”. We always wanted to show our parents an appreciation somehow as musicians and we think the message was received well.


It’s been 15 years since the first inception of MONO. What have you learned through your path? How has your musical style changed?

To be honest, the 15 years went fast. We travelled the world together every year, and we feel like we all grew up together gradually as children to adults. Everything we saw were fresh, everything we did was an adventure with continuation of facing the unknown, excitement and setbacks. The whole process was like learning all the essentials of life through our music and travels. We think all of these experiences made our sounds. Creating a bridge so called music is our job, and because of all the people, colleagues, friends and fans all over the world we met over the years, over the bridge we created, we can continue to do what we do. We are truly thankful for that.


I see that you have announced an extensive tour. How do you choose your set-list? Have you already played any new material live?

In the recent shows such as ArcTanGent Festival in the UK and the couple of shows in Japan, we included a couple of new songs in our set and we think they worked quite well together. We’re currently thinking a lot about our new set list actually. We now have released 8 records so we have a lot to choose from. We want to please both the new and old fans.


Currently what is the song or album out of your work that speaks most to you or that represents the most your feelings?

We haven’t played most of our new songs live, so we can’t really say for certain but songs such as “Recoil, Ignite” or “Kanata” we started playing, we think that they represent our current feelings well. We’re really interested to see how our new songs will portrait our atmosphere.


What are your favourite releases from other bands?

I can’t speak for everyone but I personally don’t really have any new favourite records but I’ve been listening to a lot of Burial the last a couple of weeks. They make you feel as you’re slowly fading away into darkness and that’s very soothing.


Thank you very much Taka, we really appreciate it! Can’t wait for October!

Thank you, Miky! Can’t wait to see you soon.


Takaakira “Taka” Goto



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https://www.facebook.com/chimaira" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">CHIMAIRA announced that they are breaking up. After a rocky last few years where we saw many changes within the line up, the band called it quits and published this statement on their facebook page:


"After fifteen full-blown ass-ripping years, it is with great honor to announce the end of Chimaira.


Thanks to everyone that supported the group in any way shape or form.


Everyone involved with the band, from members to fans, put their heart and soul into this project. We achieved a lot. We bled a lot. It fucking ruled."




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MONO are ready to launch not 1 but 2 new albums! Listen here to the first single:

Mono - Where We Begin


The Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness are the two new albums by the Japanese Prog band. Recorded simultaneously yet conceptually and creatively disparate, the two act as both opposing and complementary sides to a story. No strangers to narratives, the twin albums explore familiar themes for the band: Hope and hopelessness, love and loss, immense joy and unspeakable pain. Those elemental parts of life and the complicated relationships they create have never been more resonant through MONO's music than they are here.




The Last Dawn is the first of these two companion albums, and is the "lighter" of the two, thematically and melodically. It contains undoubtedly some of MONO's strongest songs ever, drawing on an array of influences from minimalist film score to vintage shoegaze. It isMONO at their absolute purest, executing an uncanny, unspoken dialogue with each other without the dozens of stringed instruments that have been so prominent throughout their catalog in recent years. The songs are also noticeably more efficient - there hasn't been aMONO full-length record that fit on a single slab of vinyl since 2003's One Step More And You Die - and the album benefits immeasurably from this streamlined approach.


Rays of Darkness is the first MONO album in 15 years to feature no orchestral instruments whatsoever. That fact alone is remarkable given the band's reputation for sweeping, dramatic instrumentals that recall Oscar-worthy film scores. Instead, Rays of Darkness more closely resembles a jet engine taking off inside a small, crowded auditorium. It is MONO's blackest album ever, a collection of scorched riffs, doom rhythms, and an unexpected contribution from post-hardcore pioneer Tetsu Fukagawa of Envy. The album ends with the smoldering wreckage of distorted guitars and ominous drones playing out a eulogy to the days whenMONO shot blinding rays of light through seemingly endless darkness.


USA Pre-order via Temporary Residence Ltd.:

The Last Dawn LP/CD: http://shop.temporaryresidence.com/trr242

Rays of Darkness LP/CD: http://shop.temporaryresidence.com/trr243

Double Album LP (Super Deluxe Die-cut Gatefold Coloured Vinyl): http://shop.temporaryresidence.com/trr242 or http://shop.temporaryresidence.com/trr243

(All Vinyl Formats include a free Mp3 download coupon)


Europe Pre-order via Pelagic Records:

The Last Dawn LP: http://pelagic-records.com/vinyl/

Rays of Darkness LP: http://pelagic-records.com/vinyl/

Double Album LP (Deluxe Die-cut Gatefold DLP - available in 3 colours): http://pelagic-records.com/vinyl/

The Last Dawn CD: http://pelagic-records.com/cds/

Rays of Darkness CD: http://pelagic-records.com/cds/

Double Album CD: http://pelagic-records.com/cds/


Japan Pre-order via Magniph: http://www.magniph.com/


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After a long 35 years wait, Kate Bush finally returned on stage last night at the Hammersmith Apollo in London.

To the lucky ones who got a ticket, I do envy you so very much!

Seeing some footage of the show Kate voice is still unpeccable, her presence warmly embrace the audience who is completely mesmerized by the artist. Here's a short video of the final song:

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The public enjoyed a strong setlist for the first night of the 22 London gigs, with no less than 24 songs from Kate Bush's repertoir:


Hounds of Love


Running Up That Hill

Top of the City

King of the Mountain

And Dream of Sheep

Under Ice

Waking the Witch

Watching You Without Me

Jig of Life

Hello Earth

The Morning Fog



An Architect’s Dream

The Painter’s Link


Aerial Tal

Somewhere in Between



Among Angels



Will someone please force me not to buy a very expensive intercontinental flight to try go and see her. Damn.


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And the first single of Slipknot NEW ALBUM is out!!! THE DEVIL IN I

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COAL CHAMBER ANNOUNCE NEW ALBUM - Press release from teh band:

"Now with NAPALM RECORDS on board get ready for a heavy, explosion from COAL CHAMBER! We've evolved and so has the music, from the demo music I've heard you're gonna sink your TEETH into this! Stay tuned!"

Dez Fafara


"It's been a long time coming but the wait is over! There are no words to describe how excited I am to be working on the new COAL CHAMBER record!!! I can't wait to see all your faces when we rock this album out! Stay tuned!!!"




"This is the first time in a long time that writing and recording a record feels right. Extremely grateful and excited for this new chapter in the world of COAL CHAMBER!! New music from CC is something we can't wait to share with the many loyal fans that have stuck it out through everything!!! The evolution of COAL CHAMBER has begun!"

Mikey Cox


"I'm so excited to be making music with my brothers and sister, and to the loyal fans who've been waiting for this! It's been a long time coming, but the pieces of the puzzle are finally aligned right. The friendship, the camaraderie, the vibe of the band is perfect now. Can't wait to unleash on the world!"



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After a long wait Slipknot has finally revealed their video for their latest single "The Negative One" which was directed by M. Shawn Crahan aka Clown.


The song is the first effort since the death of Paul Gray and departure of Joy Jordison from the band.


The arrangement is in classic Slipknot style from Iowa/Subliminal Verses, perhaps a bit too similar to Pulse of The Maggot., but a good effort nonetheless.


Watch the video here:


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